Three Months- An Update

Three Months- An Update

Wow, November flew by fast! Between preparations for Thanksgiving and a trip to the ER that turned into two different surgeries to remove gallstones and my gallbladder, the end of the month is a complete blur. Unfortunately, I was unable to prepare a nice Thanksgiving meal as planned because of being in the hospital, but Thanksgiving Day still turned out to be a day full of family and fun. I had several fun posts planned, but I’ll just save them for next year.

As for Rucker, he is obsessed with chewing on his hands, kicks his legs constantly, and loves to “stand.” He sleeps from about 10pm to 5-6am pretty regularly, so I definitely consider us fortunate. Rucker is so curious and alert, and is always looking around and checking things out. He is holding his head up so well during tummy time, as well as in his little walker. He babbles and squeaks all day long, and it is music to my ears.

Rucker has had a bunch of firsts this month. First road trip (to Lynchburg, VA to visit my sister), first spend the night at both grandparent’s houses, first Thanksgiving, and his first picture with Santa. I’m sure I’m missing something, but thats a pretty good list! I’m so excited for Rucker’s first Christmas coming up soon! Have a great December ya’ll!


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