Rucker’s First Photo Shoot

Rucker’s First Photo Shoot

Rucker’s newborn photos are here and they are so pretty! I know I’m biased, but thats a good looking kid! Just like our hospital pictures, these were taken by Ashley Nicole Photography, but in her studio.

Ashley has such a cool space with rustic backgrounds and props. Newborn photos have definitely changed since Chris and I were born. Her studio looks like every Instagrammer’s dream studio, a big upgrade from the Sears or JC Penny studio with the pull down backdrops.

I love that I was able to be in some of the pictures with Rucker. I feel like when you’re the mommy you are always the one behind the camera, so I’m glad I’ll have photo evidence that I was around!

Is there anything cuter than a naked baby? Probably not.

Did you or do you plan to do newborn photos? Just curious!

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