Rucker’s First Halloween & Pizza!

Rucker’s First Halloween & Pizza!

Happy Halloween Ya’ll!┬áChris and I had so much fun getting Rucker all dressed up and showing him off today. I’m pretty sure he’s the cutest lumberjack out there… I should know!

Last week my mom and I took Rucker to the pumpkin patch for a quick Fall/Halloween photo shoot. Of course when we arrived he was passed out and didn’t want to wake up for us, but by the end of our visit he was a little more alert. No smiley pics, but he’s still adorable!

Since most of my favorite memories revolve around food, when I think of Halloween the thing that makes me feel the most nostalgic is pizza. Every year we would order Pizza Hut, without fail. To this day I still love Pizza Hut and no matter what time of year that I eat it, I think about Halloween. This year for Halloween I thought it would be fun to make pizzas at home and really “church it up,” as my husband would say.

I decided to go with store bought dough because I have an 8 week old and I’m not superwoman. Sue me. These days you can buy great dough right in the bakery section at the supermarket, so why bother making it yourself? Save yourself the time and then go crazy with fun toppings. I topped this pie with hot sausage and broccoli and finished it with a drizzle of honey. Don’t knock it til you try it!

They can’t all be great pics!

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