One Month- An Update and Lessons Learned!

One Month- An Update and Lessons Learned!

I cannot believe Rucker is a month old! This has been the most enjoyable, exhausting four weeks of my life. I spend most of the day feeding and changing him, and the remainder of my time is spent staring at him.

The biggest misconception I had before we brought him home was the amount of time that each task would take, or more so how much time I would have between tasks. I had this crazy idea that after I fed him I would have about two hours of nap time that I could use to get stuff done around the house and maybe do some side work. WRONG. Let’s see… He eats every two hours and each feeding takes 20-30 minutes. After he eats he needs to be burped and changed, but getting changed makes him upset, so then I have to rock him to get him calmed back down. So now we’re down to an hour before the next feeding. In that hour I have enough time to get myself cleaned up after feeding him, maybe get a snack and perhaps close my eyes for 30 minutes before he screams for his next feeding. Needless to say my house looks like a tornado came through and I’ve been wearing pajamas for a week.

I do feel very blessed that he is not a fussy baby. He really only cries when he is hungry or needs to be changed, which is great. He is still in a bassinet by the bed, and we are getting about 3 or 4 hours between feedings during the night hours.

I think the toughest part to get used to is the total lack of freedom. A trip to the grocery store requires careful timing around feedings to ensure no screaming in the produce section, getting the car seat in and out of the car, and lugging around a big diaper bag. There is no such thing as just popping into anywhere right now. If ya’ll have any tips on how to balance life with caring for a little one, I am all ears!

This is what I was working with people! It was a miracle I got any decent pictures at all!


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