Nursery Reveal: Blue & Grey Mountain Themed Nursery

Nursery Reveal: Blue & Grey Mountain Themed Nursery

   I am so jazzed about how Baby Rucker’s room turned out, and I wanted to share some pics with ya’ll!

I am not an artist by any means. I am creative in a conceptual sense, but certainly cannot execute most of the ideas I come up with. I really wanted to have a mountain background or some sort of mountain mural. I think for being 8 months pregnant when I painted them they turned out pretty darn well!

The room fits in to the color scheme of our house, but still looks like a little boy’s room. I think the mountains provide a nice pop of color and statement, but without making our theme too over the top. If you’ve decorated a nursery before, you know how easy it is to get carried away and buy all of the cute things, and then before you know it you have more tchotchkes on the walls than a TGI Friday’s.

I really wanted to stick to a tight budget and create a room that I thought might be able to grow as he does. I feel like a mountain or camping theme could last us a few years. I decided not to buy a chair that would only be used while he was teeny, so we took our armchair from the living room and put it in here. When it is time, we can just move the chair back downstairs and that whole space can be used for toys or activities. 

Next month when I have a little more time I will post an update with a source list, so you can see where all of these goodies came from.

If you notice anything that I’ve missed let me know! I’d also love to hear what theme you used in your nursery. There are so many great ideas that it was really hard to pick!

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