Holiday Baking Essentials

Holiday Baking Essentials

Every year before Christmas my family has Cookie Day at my mother’s house. It’s an all day affair and one of my favorite traditions. We bake like six or seven different types of cookies, watch Christmas movies, and by the end of the day I’m almost always the only one left in the kitchen baking. It’s just how it goes.

There are four Cookie Day essential tools that I just couldn’t do without:

Really great Baking Sheets– I love these Wilton mega-size sheets! More space on the cookie sheets means more cookies being baked at the same time, which means more cookies ready to eat!

Cookie Scoops– I love using a scoop to portion my cookies so that I know each cookie will be the same size and have the same cooking time.

Parchment Paper Sheets– These precut parchment sheets are so easy to use! Just take them out of the box and lay them on your baking sheet. You could use regular old parchment paper that you have to unroll and cut, but these make life so much easier.

Stand Mixer or Hand Mixer– I truly could not crank out the number of cookies that I do if it were not for some power tools. I know that technically you could make cookies with just a mixing bowl and a wooden spoon, but they just don’t turn out as awesome. You really need some kind of mixer to properly cream the sugar and butter together.

What are some of your favorite kitchen tools that make your holiday easier?


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