Eating Her Words for Two

Eating Her Words for Two

I am 39 weeks pregnant and ready to pop! Pregnancy has been such an interesting experience for me. We’ve all heard the horror stories of swollen feet and day long “morning” sickness. But honestly for me, despite some heartburn and being uncomfortable at night, this has truly been an awesome experience. I’ve been so even tempered and level headed for the last 10 months; my husband probably doesn’t even recognize me!

I am so in love with my bump shots! This is the 3rd time that Chris and I have worked with the fabulous photog couple Joshua and Aaron. They are so much fun, and Chris and I feel so comfortable with them that they are able to get super natural, not cheesy pictures of us. Typically we¬†are not photogenic people, but you’d never know looking at the pics that Josh and Aaron take of us. These are just a few of my faves, but honestly the whole batch was awesome so it was hard to choose!

These pictures were taken when I was 32 weeks pregnant. I wanted to have a nice bump, but didn’t want to be so big and uncomfortable that I couldn’t enjoy myself. I am so thankful we didn’t wait much longer, because this has been a true “famously hot” Columbia, SC summer. Did any of you do maternity photos? If so how far along were you when you shot? Just curious!

A few of my favorite goofies…

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