A New Year a New Plan

A New Year a New Plan

A new year is here, so do we state our lofty resolutions, or just resolve to be who we are and save ourselves from failing to achieve our goals for yet another year? According to Forbes only 8% of people succeed in keeping their New Year’s resolutions, so with statistics like that what are we doing wrong? Year after year I promise myself I’m going to lose weight, be more productive, and save money. Well, another year has passed and I am still 20 plus pounds overweight, a slave to credit card debt, and picking naps over getting organized and ahead.

This year will be different though! For 2018 I am not making resolutions, but instead making a promise to myself that when I set goals I won’t procrastinate in setting out to achieve them. I am a master planner and list maker. Seriously though… I probably have at least 30 notepads, notebooks, and journals full of lists of things to do, make, read, write, eat and see. This year, instead of just jotting down my ideas I want to follow through and get shit done. Whether it be crossing off a few of the DIY projects I want to try or dining at some of the restaurants on my numerous wish lists, I’m just going to do it. Come back soon and check in on me to make sure I’m sticking to my plan!

Did you decide to make any resolutions this year? If so, what are your plans to succeed this year?

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